With more and more customers seeking to incorporate sustainability principles in their decorating projects, we are delighted to partner with a truly environmentally neutral paint company that is championing a more conscious approach.


What our best selling brand Tikkurila says

“Sustainability is not about marketing, gaining a competitive edge or generating a unique selling point; it’s just the way things should be done. It is the way we conduct our business; it is the foundation of our values and brand.”

Tikkurila provides user-friendly and long-lasting solutions for protecting and decorating surfaces; aimed at consumers and professionals alike. Their paints contain only naturally occurring trace amounts of VOC and do not emit toxic compounds into the air.

“For decades, we have worked diligently to protect the environment. It is an honour for us to be the forerunners of healthy painting, surface care, and colour use. We don’t only meet the bare minimum of environmental and safety standards; we go above and beyond to study and reduce our products’ environmental and health impacts.”


Eco-friendly without compromising on quality or value

Our Tikkurila products are popular for their outstanding quality and value. With hundreds of eco-labelled products, you can quickly identify which products meet specific eco criteria in our technical specification description. 

Our best selling Zero VOC water-based coatings include Tikkurila Optiva Ceramic Matt 3, a super durable coating suitable for new and previously painted walls and ceilings. Optiva Ceramic Super Matt 3 has London Underground approval for use in sub-surface locations and guarantees the highest wash and wet scrub resistance.