Bartoline Standard Decorators Caulk

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Bartoline Decorators Caulk/Flexible Filler is a flexible acrylic filler and sealant ideal for sealing interior gaps and cracks. An easy to apply and quick drying filler that adheres to most surfaces and remains permanently flexible.

Decorators Caulk/Flexible Filler may be used prior to painting or papering to prevent unsightly cracks developing at a later stage. Can be overpainted with emulsion paint after 1-2 hours of application and conforms to the harmonised European standard EN 15651-1 for façade interior applications.

Application: Sealing interior gaps or cracks where movement can occur such as between plasterwork, window frames, doorframes, skirting boards, fitted furniture and architraves. Dries quickly and may be overpainted with latex paint in about an hour. Not suitable for use on bituminous asphalt substrates or in areas with continuous exposure to water.

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