Olfa Handy Easy Open Blade Disposal Case (DC5)

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The OLFA® DC-5 with belt clip is designed to make life easier, faster and safer for anyone who uses a snap-off cutter, especially wallpaper hangers. One of the most common causes of less than perfect work is the user trying to use the last segment of a snap-off blade past its limits, when it’s already blunt, simply because they can’t be bothered to get a tool to snap the blade (we don’t, of course, recommend snapping the blade with your fingers).

Now there’s a solution – even if you’re up on a ladder making the final cut of your work, don’t let it be a bad one – so long as you’ve got the DC-5 clipped onto your belt, you can snap the blunt segment off easily and make sure you finish the job with a fresh, clean cut. To use the snap case, pull down the front flap, insert your snap-off cutter into the slot (with the blunt segment extended) and pull towards you to snap it off and let it fall safely inside.

Once the case is full you can pull open the top flap and discard used blade safely, making the case ready to use all again. Once you eventually fill the case up with blades, you can unscrew from the centre, empty the case and screw back again for re-use. Designed for quality-conscious professionals who snap off most frequently.

The Blade Disposal Holster DC-5 features easy blade snapping in 2 blade positions and stores used segments while clipping on a tool bag, or a belt. Its compact size is perfect to carry around for one work day. Dispose used segments in bulk at the end of the day!


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