Tikkurila Valtti Plus Colour

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Valtti Plus Color is a water-based, full-matt, non-film forming wood stain. It is the most recent addition to our growing collection of exterior woodstains, which is being expanded to make use of modern technologies that are shifting the development of exterior woodstains away from solvent-based solutions and toward more sustainable formulas. Valtti Plus products are Tikkurila’s best-in-class wood stains; offering premium quality and durability, as a more eco-friendly choice.

About Valtti Plus Color

  • Suitable for use on exterior wooden walls, doors and windows.
  • Available in a wide range of transparent colours
  • Full matt finish
  • Offers strong UV & moisture protection
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easily absorbs into wood
  • Non film forming
  • Water-based

And there’s more. Valtti Plus Color is also partly bio-based. For products in the Tikkurila range with the “Valtti Plus” badge, 73% of total organic carbon has been replaced with bio-based content (measured in accordance with ASTM D6866-18), which means that 17% of total product content is bio-based, coming from “natural” sources, such as plant by-products rather than limited fossil sources.



Valtti Plus Color is a partially bio-based, translucent wood stain designed for use on exterior wooden walls, doors, and windows. This long-lasting and sustainable water-based solution provides strong UV and moisture protection that previously only solvent-based solutions could meet. It comes in a variety of transparent colours and dries to a full matt finish.

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